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  • Can I help the 600 Black Women mission?
    Yes! The most impactful ways to help us achieve the 600 Black Women mission are to sponsor, hire, connect, and amplify. - Sponsor : We accept sponsorship from partners which allows our group to connect, train, and organize. This funding makes events like The Camera Cookout possible for years to come. - Hire : When you are crewing up, consider adding a new member to your team, especially if your team lacks diversity. Even if you are not well funded you might have a great training opportunity for someone looking to make the leap into a new role or shadow someone with experience. - Connect: Partners, media outlets, brands, and more can be fantastic collaborators for 6BW, please consider introducing us to a group you know. - Amplify: We are on social and you should like, follow, share, and engage with us, we would love to get to know you!
  • If I am crewing up for a job can I hire through your website?
    Yes, we are currently only offering hosting for 600 Black Women Members and through our "Members" page you will find Directors of Photography, Camera Operators, Assistant Cameras, Digital Imaging Technicians, Loaders, Camera Utilities, Stills Photographers, and Publicist. Each member has contact information in their biography and you can reach out to them directly or Contact Us if you'd like the work request to go out to all members.
  • I'm thinking of joining IATSE Local 600 and hoping to learn from members. Is there a way for me to get some advice?
    Our Members are very active on our Instagram. We take questions in our Stories and share the answers for your convenience to read at your leisure. The best way to get advice is through our IG so follow us and say hey! We want your questions!
  • What do I need to have prepared in order to join Local 600?
    1. You must have 100 days of paid non-union employment in the role you're applying for in the last 3 years OR 30 days on a union production within the last year. A combination of union and non-union days will also be accepted. You will need call sheets and pay stubs that corroborate. 1099 income is not recognized, all work must be W2 income. 2. You need to choose a production city, in the Eastern (New York City), Central (Atlanta), or Western (Los Angeles) region as your mainstay for work. Your residing state can be different from your chosen Production City. 3. A resume and a form of photo ID are required to process your application. 3. With your application you would be required to send in a personal check or make a card payment for the down payment of the full fee. These fees change with time and classification. Reach out to the union for today's rates to join. 4. Quarterly dues are assessed after you join. 5. Visit for more information and direct contacts for whom you may apply with.
  • What hiring resources are available to me?
    Programs AFI Cinematography Intensive Program Film Independent Education ARRI Academy Kodak Guide Maine MediaPanavision Hiring Productions.comArray CrewStaff Me UpMandy Funding Chadwick Boseman Foundation Chicken & Egg Film Independent Panavision New Filmmaker Program Mentorship Unlock Her Potential ASC Vision Mentorship Local 600 Mentorship Program Career Training MediaMkrs and ReelWorks The Content for Change Academy Hollywood CPR
  • What trainings are available to me?
    ReelWorks and MediaMkrs Career Exploration AFI Cinematography Intensive ASC Vision Mentorship
  • If we would like to sponsor or partner on your next event, how can we?
    An FAQ section can be used to quickly answer common questions about you or your business, such as “Where do you ship to?”, “What are your opening hours?” or “How can I book a service?” It’s a great way to help people navigate your site and can even boost your site’s SEO.
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